Michelson Studio II
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Michelson Studio 2 is a 60,000 square ft. sound stage located 65 miles north of Manhattan. With 60 ft. ceilings, and 6 acres parking, Michelson Studio 2's magnificent scale makes it one of New York's largest sound stages. There's also a 40% production tax credit given to those who wish to rent the facility, courtesy of the NY State Senate.



Michelson Studio 2 is a 60,000 square ft. soundstage located 65 miles north of Manhattan providing:

A 30,000 square foot column-free main shooting area with 60 foot ceilings

A 25,000 square foot modular space with 27 foot ceilings. 

A second level VIP lounge/office also overlooks the main shooting stage with an electric glass wall for creating privacy from filming.

4000 square feet of office space with VIP area overlooking main shooting area.

6 industrial rollup doors and two loading docks for drop off and pick up

12 acres on-sight vehicle parking .

Probuild Lumber Yard on the property.

Direct train delivery available.

Michelson Studio 2 is listed on the Governors Office of Motion Picture & Television Development affording a

40% refundable tax credit

on qualified production and post-production expenses incurred during production/post production in New York State.


Michelson Studio 1 is an 8000 square ft. natural light studio located in Manhattan New York.


Michelson Studio 1